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Copy of Social Media Post January-Februa
Copy of Social Media Post January-Februa

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What is your Bodylab Goal?
Tighten,Lift, & Smooth Options

Get rid of cellulite! Tighten and lift any area while increasing blood supply, mobility and reduce pain and inflammation

Face Lifting & Glowing Skin

Reduce the volume of excess skin with low risk, minimal downtime and more affordable than surgery. Walk out glowing!

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Relax & De-Stress

Let the skilled hands of our Bodylab Gals de-stress you.  We all thrive when we feel revived and de-stressed!​

Weight Loss

YOUR precise formula for healthy living, and keeping weight off forever.


Gentlemen: Tighten and define your physique with a system designed with you in mind!


Body therapy that speeds muscle recovery by increasing mobility, blood flow and oxygen to muscle.

Hi, I'm Tamara Renee

I have dedicated my existence to crafting incredible courses, programs, services, and eBooks to help women have all they desire.

In my 30 years of experience, in wellness, I have learned there are no shortcuts. However I know, there are many useful tools that can help achieve the wellbeing women desire.

What people are saying about Bodylab?

Cindy Polger

"This week I celebrated my one year anniversary of my Tamara Renee Personalized Nutrition program. At 52 years old I have never felt better.All the vitality has come back into my life and many of the annoying symptoms of aging have been held at bay. Thank you for setting me on the best nutritional path for me. YEAH to all the “DNA Type D3” Metabolisms out there."

Mid Adult Smiling Woman

Nadine Berthiaume

"I have to mention I tried on some of my summer short shorts and I definitely noticed that I couldn't even see any cellulite!!! Does that mean it has been the sugar and bread that has been giving me cellulite all these years? Yuck! You are a Goddess!!!"

Lori Allen

"I can't say enough about Tamara and her unique approach to nutrition. She really personalizes your dietary and "health lifestyle needs and takes your real life circumstances into consideration when planning a program that fits you. She comes up with solutions! I love her energy, her calm, and the fact that she has gotten me out of my rut and into a healthier routine. I'm so happy she came into our "Pure Barre" world!!!!

Mica Morua-Rayos

I'm pleased and quite surprised that my skin is so clear since working with Tamara, Renee. After working with her about a month she asked me to stop taking my antibiotics for my acne. She asked me to trust her and it took everything I had to muster up the courage and I did. I had cystic acne and was afraid that it would return once I stopped taking the antibiotics. If you struggle with acne you can imagine how frightened I was to do that. To my surprise my skin looks fantastic. Needless to say, I love Tamara and all that she has helped me to accomplish from the inside and out.  #SkinChef"

Let's Embrace your Unique Beauty!
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