The primary focus of Tamara Renee’s practice is assisting women to transform their bodies to the shape and vitality they desire and deserve.  Tamara specializes in connective-tissue (Fascia) modalities that affect how we look, feel, and move.  Tamara is a “Motivator” for Ashley Black Guru, inventor of the FasciaBlaster, an innovative and transformative body contouring massage technique.  

In her 26 years of professional practice, she has been featured on over a half dozen news and radio stations nationwide. She has written many articles in industry magazines and is a published author in book two of The Change Book series.  She is gaining worldwide recognition by establishing the dynamic relationship between diet, movement and appearance. Her goal is to give people the tools to wake up every morning eager to embrace each day's potential.

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My Journey in Weight-loss and Re-gaining my Confidence

"For a quarter century, I have been recognized as a Transformational Expert. My talent and calling have been in revolutionizing the way hundreds of women think and feel about their mind and body. Through this innovative technique, I have assisted them in reshaping their paralyzing fears into soaring emotions and positive action steps that help them achieve their ideal body and life.


I believe in the interconnectedness between health and happiness; the place where we help women reveal what foods and habits sabotage their happiness and which will help them achieve it.


Health became my top priority at 17 years of age after I gained 30 pounds almost overnight. I entered a dark depression that seemed to compound the problem. After withdrawing from society, I gained an additional 35 pounds by age 19. I had extremely poor eating habits. I loved fast food and donuts! I began binge eating coupled with depression and found myself in a desperate situation. What a terrible time in life to develop a poor self-image. I avoided social events at any cost, developed clothing avoidance and wanted to be invisible.

I know this is a common story for many people and it may hit home for you as well. It is so important to “Be Present” in your feelings and acknowledge the problem, however, I simply could not do it. I had created my own prison without a key to exit, or so it seemed at the time. In brief, I knew I could not continue on living in this state. I immediately removed fried foods, beef, and butter from my diet. I drove 17 miles to join an all-women’s gym to avoid seeing men. Health became my #1 priority. I researched, studied, attended seminars, and learned how to achieve the health that I desired. I lost 68 pounds from the age of 20-23.


I am sharing my personal story so you know that I have been in the same place and understand all of your feelings, thoughts and desires for health."

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Quarter century+ experience as a Body & Life Transformational Expert.

My approach to nutrition is revolutionary and my approach to helping others roll out a healthy lifestyle is perfection in motion.

Specialize in personalized nutrition and use your DNA to determine the ideal diet and exercise protocols and nourishing detoxification programs.


Certified Nutritionist and Massage Therapy, Certified in many aesthetic lasers, Fasciologist, Coach, Speaker, Healthy Chef and purveyor of making dreams come true!


Graduate of the C.H.E.K. Institute with a “Nutritional Life Coach” certification.


I continue my education on specific cultural concerns;

“Overcoming Addiction”

“Obesity and Disease”

“Thrashed Thyroid"

“Raw Foods & Macrobiotic Studies”

“Relationship between Gut Health & Mood Stabilization”

“Cause & Effect of Chronic Inflammation”

and a tremendous amount of personal empowerment work.