Effective for body sculpting, weight loss, cellulite and more!

Different issues can be causing what you consider cellulite. At the end of the day, it is all connective tissue issues. Come for a complimentary consult and we can determine what is YOUR ideal solution. Below I will cover your solutions: 


Look smoother and feel more circulation. Cellulite is a connective tissue issue. Do you need to smooth out bound fascia or do we need to tighten your skin? FasciaBlasting will blast out those bumps. 


Lessen the look of that bumpy skin cellulite, increase definition in your muscles, increase blood flow and decrease joint pain. 

FasciaBlasting works by releasing the fibrous bands that tether the skin.

FasciaBlasting is a new terminology but old philosophy. The good side of it is that it works and will improve your health each time you get blasted. The bad is that you tend to bruise if you have bound up fascia and it can be a bit sensitive if you are bound up. 


If you want to read more about FasciaBlasting, see the information below. 


But for those of you that already know, this tool is amazing and you just want to know how much it will run you to get your body smoothed out – see the info below.  

Also, you will see we pair each treatment with our SWEATskinny (infrared sauna).  Heat is imperative for the fascia to change.  Without heat you receive limited progress.  FasciaBlasting against stiff tissue has the fascia fighting you the whole treatment.

Ashley Black, Founder of FasciaBlasting


Ashley Black has been the most gracious inventor and lover of women that I have ever met in my career! She has demonstrated the benefits through a medical study.


If you own a FasciaBlaster™, you can use this tool at home.  Ashley Black made it as a tool that all of us can use in the privacy of our own home.  If you want our help to accelerate your results or to help you with the laborious work, we are excited to be of service.


Pre & Post Care of FasciaBlasting:


FasciaBlaster™ is a revolutionary tool that breaks through fascia, which can reduce cellulite, minimize circumference and speed recovery.   The accuracy of FasciaBlaster™ technology is still evolving.  A medical study will soon be released.

Potential reactions: Bruising it’s certainly a part of fascia blasting.


First of all, the bruising that you see when fascia blasting is not the same as when you run into a table or when you’ve injured yourself and have internal bleeding. FasciaBlasting bruises are healthy, restorative, and cleansing. Here’s what’s happening in your body when you fascia blast:


  • When you are FasciaBlasting and restoring a fascial adhesion, it’s like pulling two pieces of duct tape apart. There’s going to be some inherent bruising that comes with that type of restoration. It’s a sign that you’ve successfully separated the sticky layers of tissue. Blood rushes to the scene so that healing can begin in that area.

  • When someone is fascially restricted it’s like having a kink in a garden hose. When you open the fascia, all of the sudden you have blood flowing to that area again. These types of bruises are not painful but they can be immediately visible. They can also be accompanied by a tingling feeling as blood rushes through the tissue.

  • When you are FasciaBlasting fat cells where fat has adhered to the layers of fascia or muscle, you will get micro-fissures in the capillaries as it’s pulled apart. This leaves space for the oxygen-rich blood cells to move in and gobble up and break down the fat cells.


FasciaBlasting bruises are not damaging; they are healing and a necessary part of restoration.  While bruising is not a bad thing in FasciaBlasting, it’s also not required. Bruising or not bruising is pretty much your choice depending on the amount of pressure you want to endure. Different personality types take different approaches and that’s ok. Whether you walk or run you will still complete the marathon. However, going deeper initially will yield results more quickly, but you still have to decide what’s right for you.

As the say keep your eye on the prize.  With regards to the bruises when the bruises heal it is a great reveal!!


Are you okay with bruises? Is your significant other? During summer months when extra skin is exposed, you may not want to be as aggressive with treatment. Or maybe you’re a fast tracker willing to endure for the prize ahead. Again, it’s all about how quickly you want to see results!  Being a bruiser or not being a bruiser is your choice. It boils down to your personal level of pressure and how bound up your fascia is.   Bound fascia will bruise more easily than not-so bound fascia but it still depends on how much pressure is applied. But just because you bruised in an area the first time, doesn’t mean you will the second time. You should quickly notice a difference the next time


What can you do minimize bruising? (These are suggestions, NOT medical advice!)

Like H2O, Fascia can have different “states.” It can be jelly-like, semi-hydrated and chunky, or cold, tight and crystallized. Ideally, you want to get your fascia to the jelly state for fascia blasting. The two best ways to prepare your body are heat and hydrate!


  • Internal and External Heat

  • Get your heart rate up and raise your body’s temperature!

  • Go into a hot room, sauna, and bath, whatever. The hotter the better.

  • Hydrate--Fascia actually has liquid running through it and if you are dehydrated (most people don’t know it when they are) your fascia is going to be sluggish instead of clean. Make sure you hydrate first with water and make sure you are getting electrolytes!


What should you do after you bruise? Once you have bruising, homeopathic Arnica is excellent for repair. You can use Arnica gel externally or Arnica pills internally or high-quality essential oils. We are also working with a compounding pharmacy to provide products for post-treatment. (We have no affiliation with the brand Arnica).


In addition, you can “flush” the area. Use your hands and some massage oil and give yourself a gentle massage. When you’re done, ice the area. It doesn’t have to be an ice pack, per se, but it can be a bath with just the cold water running. (Sounds fun, huh?) This will reduce inflammation and speed up healing.


When to Blast Again- I said that going deep would yield quicker results, but you have to give the body time to heal after each fascia blasting session. You should wait until the bruises are almost gone and there is no soreness before you blast again. If you start and you do feel any soreness, stop and wait until it is no longer sore. Also, if you wait until the bruises are fully healed, you’ll be able to see how much progress you are making. The areas of the worst bruising are the areas where the fascia is the worst. The next time you fascia blast, you should have less bruising even if you are using the same amount of pressure for the same length of time.


There are 2 phases of FasciaBlasting: the breaking down phase and the healing phase.

Fascia maintenance: Once you’ve achieved your desired result, you again have a choice with maintenance. Do it as needed, do it once a week, or every couple of weeks or every other day in a different area. Again, it’s about personal preference and what works best for you!


The FasciaBlaster™ is a tool used to release adhesions and restrictions in the Fascia, promote blood flow and increase range of motion. The increased circulation and breakup of myofascial adhesions, some discoloration in the skin may occur. It is temporary and part of the body’s normal healing process.


FasciaBlaster™ is best used in a series of 2-3 x per week for 6-8 weeks and follow up’s or home use after.



Please let us know if any of these apply to you:

  • Pregnant 

  • Acute infection – cancer, sick

  • Autoimmune issues

  • Pulmonary condition, pacemaker or defibrillators or have an uncontrolled congestive heart condition  

  • Implanted plates or screws

  • Stroke 

  • Open wound, incision, rash, lesions, neoplasms, acute burns or dermatitis 

  • Tumors or cancer 

  • Surgery within the past 12/weeks

  • Unexplained calf pain

  • Do you have a disease/s that deep vibration is not recommended

  • You or a family member have a history of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) or areas with Phlebitis (blood clots) 

  • Varicose veins

  • Acute non-draining cellulitis or lymphatic system

  • Intra-abdominal disease 

  • Migraines (consults your doctor first) 

  • On a medication that is blood thinner


CONTRAINDICATIONS for Infrared Sauna only:

  • Peripheral nerve injuries in which the appreciation of heat sensation has been lost or impaired 

  • Certain medications which may sensitize the body to heat 

  • Chronic Conditions / Diseases Associated With Reduced Ability To Sweat Or Perspire 

  • Pacemakers / Defibrillators 

  • Hemophiliacs / Individuals Prone To Bleeding 

  • Fever & Insensitivity to Heat 

  • Pregnancy

  • Underage, 15 years or younger


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