De-Stressing + Acupuncture

*DE-Stress Massage

At the Bodylab we specialize in connective tissue and how to influence it in such a way that it continues to have its own unwinding process beyond your time on the table. ​Our greatest strength is our ability to get better and even longer lasting results than typical massages. We do tailor to your exact preferences and needs (deep tissue, Swedish, sports, cupping, and hot stone or combination). Let the skilled hands of our Bodylab Gals de-stress you.  We all thrive when we feel revived and de-stressed!​ We're available for sessions at our office, or in your home. If you're located within 20-miles of us, we'll come to ou! Get your session today.​


*Massage + Acupuncture Combo

Practitioner: Elvira Vasilchenko, DACM.

Acupuncture new patient                              120 min          200$

Description: New patient form with personal health history interview. TCM assessment: pulse, tongue, abdominal diagnosis. Treatment include: 2 sides acupuncture treatment and aromatherapy.


Acupuncture return visit                                60 min             100$

Description: review of current health condition. TCM assessment: pulse, tongue, abdominal. Treatment include: 1 side acupuncture treatment and aromatherapy.


Acupuncture return visit                               90 min             150$

Description: review of current health condition. TCM assessment: pulse, tongue, abdominal. Treatment include: 2 side acupuncture treatment and aromatherapy.


Acupuncture specializations: facial lifting & rejuvenation, and sport trauma recovery.


Cosmetic acupuncture

Description: lift, firm, tighten facial skin, includes free body acupuncture. A natural facial lift, better skin texture and tone, tighten skin or a double chin, benefits body and face wellness. Full results at 24 treatments once a week.


Sport trauma recovery acupuncture

Description: Sport acupuncture improves physiological function and support body’s natural healing process by stimulation of specific acupoints in combination.


Essential oil aroma acu-point treatment    30 min            50$

Description: Holistic Healing Aromatherapy treatment using organic oils on acupuncture points. No needles used. Points selection due to TCM assessment pulse and tongue. Calm healing to mind, body and spirit.


Fascia blasting, gua sha.                               30 min             60$

Description: this warming method is detoxifying body, that improves blood blow micro-circulation in the soft tissue and reliefs pain. Treats chronic muscle tension and spasms.


Cupping                                                          30 min             65$

Description: technique uses small glass or plastic globes applied to skin with suction. Improves blood flow and relaxes muscles, relieves pain. Preventative treatment for initial stages of cold and flu.

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