Solutions for Men

*Men's DE-Stress Massage

At the Bodylab we specialize in connective tissue and how to influence it in such a way that it continues to have its own unwinding process beyond your time on the table. ​Our greatest strength is our ability to get better and even longer lasting results than typical massages. We do tailor to your exact preferences and needs (deep tissue, Swedish, sports, shiatzu, acupressure, cupping, and hot stone or combination). Let the skilled hands of our Bodylab Gals de-stress you.  We all thrive when we feel revived and de-stressed!​ We're available for sessions at our office, or in your home. If you're located within 20-miles of us, we'll come to ou! Get your session today.​  We offer 60 and 90 minute options.  


*Men's Performance FASCIAtherapy

Body therapy that speeds muscle recovery by increasing mobility, blood flow and oxygen to muscle. Releases adhesions and helps define musculature and allows full contraction and performance from the called on muscle or muscle group.  90-minutes.  


30-minutes in the infrared sauna + 60-minutes fascia therapy.


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