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be the HEALTHIEST you!

DNA & Detox Diets


YOUR precise formula for optimal weight, healthy living, and keeping weight off forever


A Genetic Diet is NOT about deprivation and will help YOU not to waste a morsel of food or ounce of effort on a diet that is not going to be effective for YOU! 


Are carbs my friends or enemies?

Do I eat vegan or carnivore?

Do I need to do cardio or can I just lift weights?

How does a person know? Well, you TEST vs. GUESS!


STOP STRUGGLING with your CONFIDENCE, ENERGY, WEIGHT LOSS & SAY BYE-BYE TO GUILT!!! Most of the time we fail on diets because IT WAS NOT THE ONE FOR “YOU”!​

So what’s next?

Reserve your spot (see below)! Questions? Call me 619-653-9333


Once you have reserved your spot – you will either be mailed your DNAme saliva collection kit or you will come into the office (I'm located in La Jolla) and get your DNA kit. Your DNA test is a saliva cheek swab and it's really easy to do. Federal Express will pick up your DNA sample and get it to the lab ASAP. Then… we wait. It takes 2-3 weeks to get your results.


The lab contacts us once your DNA results are in our portal.  We will reach out to you immediately so we can set our 2 hour meeting up.  We will pick a few days out from the lab giving us notice since Bodylab needs to create your personalized Wellness Lifestyle Protocols (WLp) forms.   The WLp is a form that we create in order to take the information from the lab and put it in useful every day terms.  The day of or before our scheduled call we will email you your reports from the lab and the WLp we created for you.


Join us and have this be your last diet. 

We have created a “lifestyle” system so you can succeed at having the energy, lean body and confidence of your dreams and maintain them for life!



Schedule your complimentary

15-minute consultation to find

the right session for you 


1-on-1 Coaching, creating new patterns

Available with DETOXme.  In this 5-week program together we will detox your body and your mind!  Discover how to detox your body and your mind while incorporating a foundation of whole foods, and nutritionally supported intermittent fasting.  Uncover self-limiting beliefs and sub-conscious programs that keep you from achieving your goals. Craft a plan on how to create new programming. Together we will transform and detox the mind to support your transformation from the inside out.  We will create a new way of thinking that empowers and supports you to achieve your health goals.  This program supports you for 5 weeks, with weekly meetings, remote or live, no geographical boundaries.