The DNAme Experience

DNAme Experience uses the Latest Science Based Information to Access

The Power of YOUR Genetics 


Never before have we had an offer like this.

Drastic times call for drastic, loving measure.  

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Genetically OPTIMIZE

Nutrition, Exercise and Behavioral Advice


Since COVID-19 it is essential that we equip ourselves with the very best knowledge and science-based information that indicates exactly what our body needs to help us manage stress, energy and strengthen our immune system all while helping us stay lean and vital.


NOW is the time to test and stop guessing about what diet is best for us. 

DNAme will provides unrivaled insight into diet, nutrition, fitness and well-being. 


Advanced Genetic Testing can provide:

Better results faster results from dietary efforts

Workouts tailored to individual physiology

Uncover genetic tendencies that affect healthy habits


Following a DNAme customized diet resulted in up to 76% more weight loss according to a recent study by a major university. The DNAme Nutrition and Fitness Genetic Test analyzes 24 SNPs  (single nucleotide polymorphisms) to determine the best GenoVive Meal Program for you. All 24 SNPs have documented impact on weight loss as indicated by a minimum of 2 human intervention clinical trials each.

For example, individuals with the IRS1 rs2943641 CC genotype, the risk allele, lost 76% more weight with a diet appropriate for their genotype compared to individuals with no risk alleles (TT), who used the same diet which was not appropriate for their genotype.


DNA plays a large role in determining the intensity of activity each of us needs to maintain a healthy weight and good overall health. Some people require a more vigorous workout regimen. Others may require a less intensive program to get the same results. Ideal strategies for resistance training also vary according to genetics. DNAme offers genetics-based advice on exercise intensity, duration, and the selection of optimal activities; resulting in a perfect DNA Personalized Fitness Plan for you.

PERSONALIZED Behavioral Insights

Our eating behavior results from a complex interaction of factors including genetics, past experience, and the present environment. The tendency to develop and maintain healthy eating habits varies greatly from person to person and genetics plays an important role. The DNAme experience test genes in these categories: Hunger and Satiety, Eating for Pleasure, LEPR and Leptin, Taste and Food Preferences, Sugar Cravings, Mood and Food Selection.

Your DNAme Experience includes the 52-page report that comes directly from the lab along with a 14 +-page Personalized Health Report (executive summary) that translates the larger document into purposeful information for your immediate use.  We delivery this information in a eCourse.


This is the first time in the history of DNAme to offer a 30% discount.  The COVID-19 has inspired me to inspire you with the details of what your body needs for OPTIMAL LIVING.    

30% OFF

Reg. $1,300

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Rob Rumbaugh's Story

35 years later……back to my college football weight!!

I have several times over the years have focused on improving my health/weight with some reasonable success, but it seemed like the best I could ever achieve was somewhere in the mid 240’s and then to only see it creep back up over the next few years as I returned to my old bad habits.  Recently I joined Tamara’s SUMMER BOOST program and almost immediately began shedding pounds to a level well beyond my “previous floor” in just the two weeks.  All of this in a way that I don’t feel that I am starving or depriving myself, but just learning to use better choices in quality, types, and combinations of foods.  I am almost in disbelief that I am now down to the weight that I played in my college football days (yes, I know…..I would have loved to be at the heaver 240-250 while still playing….lol).


Thanks so much, Tamara and I’m looking forward to getting the results of the DNA testing to help refine a plan to my specific needs and help me continue to feel healthy and lean and maintain this awesome progress that you have helped me achieve.

Frequently Asked Questions


DNAme Experience FAQ’s


Who can order the DNAme Experience® using DNAme Experience® online?

To order DNAme Experience®, you must be 18 years old or older and live in the U.S.


Why do I need a physician or health care technician?

A physician or health care technician is required to authorize laboratory testing. The DNAme Experience® report gives you the power to understand your metabolism, eating behaviors, and response to exercise, as well as the best ways to reach and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle,


Who should have their DNA tested? 

Everyone. Those that want to protect their body as they age, have been frustrated on previous diets and want to know about their specific genetic make-up as it relates to diet, exercise, health and risks of developing certain diseases and what markers they can potentially pass on to their children.


How accurate are DNAme Experience’s personal genetic reports?

DNAme Experience’s genetic reports are accurate. We use Solstice laboratory which has met the high standards set by federal Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) regulations and state licensure requirements, thereby assuring you of high-quality results. Unlike other laboratories that outsource the actual performance of the laboratory tests and only handle interpretations and the reporting of the results, they handle the testing, interpretation, and reporting from beginning to end. This allows them and DNAme Experience better control over the research, testing, pricing and security.


Am I required to notify anyone about my genetic results?

 No, your genetic report is your own personal information. You are not required by law to notify or share this information with anyone. You may not find it beneficial to share this information with your doctor or with other family members, the decision is completely up to you.


What happens once I purchase my DNAme Experience test?

You will receive an email immediately that ask you to contact us to give us your:

●      Full name

  • Mailing address

  • Email 

  • Cellular phone number

  • A short paragraph on what is your main goal you wish to achieve by running your DNA.

●      How did you learn of DNAme

We mail your DNA kit out within 24-hours unless it is a weekend or holiday.  When the DNA test kit arrives, it comes with 2 Q-tips in a sleeve, with detailed easy instructions of how to collect your DNA from each inner cheek.   A short form will be included for you to fill out along with a PREPAID envelope so you can drop your sample and paperwork inside of the prepaid envelope and mail it without any additional cost.  Then, we wait.  It takes 2-3 weeks to get your DNA results from the Solstice lab. The lab will inform us that your results are available for viewing in our portal.  We immediately contact you to arrange your reveal session details.

Do not waste another day, sign up and improve your weight loss, health efforts and RESULTS now!


Can I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds; I am sure you can understand that a refund doesn’t really make sense for this type of test.  By purchasing the DNAme Experience you are agreeing that you understand and are aware there are no refunds.


How long is this valid for?

Once you purchase your DNAme Experience we prefer to get your testing done asap so you can be experiencing the benefits.  We do allow a 20-day grace period from the time you purchase until the time it is submitted to the lab.


Will the pricing change or will there be any additional charges?

No, there will not be any additional or hidden charges unless you decide to enroll in our “Premium” course. Our Premium DNAme course is where I get to share with you all the gems from my 30 years of guiding individuals to live peak existences and to love the life they live IN.    We also provide private one-one-one call with us; you may find this is best suited for you so you can address your specific circumstances and create strategies for success around them.


BodyLab reserves the right to change the prices for products shown on our page at any time but will respect the prices of the orders that were made prior to the change.


Disclaimer: Bodylab, Tamara Renee, their employees, contractors and vendors accept no liability for any products or services chosen, or for any damage, harm, or unexpected adverse reaction or complications that may occur during or after the administration of any products or services. No claims are made for the cure of any ailment or disease. All sales are final. 

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