Are you looking to achieve healthy and youthful-looking skin?


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The FACElab beauty course will teach you unique techniques to achieve radiant skin and maintain it year-round!


Pay only $1 to receive your FACElab PASS.

• Just in two weeks, our goal is to aid you in achieving - a straight back, long neck, smoother skin, reduced facial swelling and less tension in your face.  

• Express FACElab Bootcamp is a comprehensive system that is effective and well tested.

• Exercises that are easy to perform for beginners as well as advanced participants.

• A quick path to youth and beauty -- join us!



Express FACElab Beauty Bootcamp will be available here on this website.


How long is the program?

2 weeks of intensive practice  - don’t stress. We start small and simple and add on every day.  Studies show that if we slowly integrate these practices in a small step-by-step method you will be able to easily integrate it into your daily regime.  That is our goal here!  


Do I need any equipment?

Your motivation and your desires are the most important components.  This program we will show your alternative ways to use things you will already have in your home.  Yet if you want to get other tools that may make it easier or more beneficial results we you can always purchase low cost items to help you help have that glowing radiant youthful skin. A foam roller can substitutes with a rolled towel or you can buy one that Tamara loves   or here is a budget friendly option

How long will the assignments take?

In the first few days exercises will take about 5 minutes, and will increase to 30 minutes towards the end of the program


When will I get new assignments?

Each assignment will be uploaded at 6am or 6 pm PST. We realize everyone is busy and are on different schedules, don't worry!  I will keep all assignments and videos up the whole duration on this program so you can progress in a manner in which fits your schedule.  That said, I really want to press the importance of looking at them daily and staying up with adding daily assignments on so you don’t get behind and can achieve the end result you were hoping for.


How To Purchase

Our Payment system accepts and automatically provides access to CLICK HERE.  You can submit a payment from any part of the world. If you encounter a problem or have a payment - related question, please contact us.

What kind of techniques and exercises shall I expect?

You will receive a series of exercises that will improve your  posture, release pressure from your shoulders and neck; technics that will increase oxygen and nutrients supply to the skin; improve your lymph and blood circulation. You can notice reduced express lines and puffiness.  We will teach you about your tissue and adhesions and how they affect accelerated aging and drawing the face down. And more importantly how to change those dynamics!

All techniques were designed to restart natural rejuvenation process that is geared to have you looking fresher by the day. 



You will have access to a support chat, but give yourself a few days to get in the groove, you will find your rhythm and will start understanding the process. Like all of us… it takes a bit to get in the groove and make the adjustments to create this as a “lifestyle!”  I will say -- you will be glad you did. We can’t grow younger but we sure can age WELL!

"Stay beautiful and magical"


Creator of FACElab &

health and beauty advocate!


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