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FASCIAtherapy is the perfect system for body sculpting, weight loss and cellulite!

Our FASCIAtherapy System includes:


Our multi-modality treatment can include FasciaBlaster for smoothing cellulite, Endermologie for draining fluids and toxins from your lymphatic system and our SWEATskinny infrared sauna for softening your fascia while burning max calories.  If you are really trying to make changes in your fascia to have it smoothed out and shaped to your liking, weekly visits are recommended.


Each celluliteSMOOTH session consists of a combination of two or all three of these fabulous treatments:

  • FasciaBlasting - connective tissue/cellulite smoothing, spot reduction, pain reducing while increasing range of motion

  • SWEATskinny - infrared sauna to soften fascia, detox, and burn major calories

  • BeautifyingDETOX - Endermologie lymphatic detox, shed excess water and toxins that are stirred up during FasciaBlasting

*Performance FASCIAtherapy

Body therapy that speeds muscle recovery by increasing mobility, blood flow and oxygen to muscle. Releases adhesions and helps define musculature and allows full contraction and performance from the called on muscle or muscle group.  90-minutes.  


30-minutes in the infrared sauna + 60-minutes fascia therapy.

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