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be the HEALTHIEST you!

Heart Butt Workshop

Join our limited-time workshop, June 25th - August 8th!

Each Thursday at 8 am - 9 am we will all meet at La Jolla Sports Club 7825 Fay Ave, La Jolla, CA 92037 in the MindBody studio (back by the elevators in the bottom of the courtyard).  


Cost is a one-time upfront payment of $99 paid to Bodylab by Tamara Renee

Members and non-members are all welcome.


There is free 2-hour parking in the parking garage underneath the gym. Bring the ticket to the front desk and it will be scanned for you.  

Each time we meet we will pair FasciaBlasting with isolated exercises to lift and shape the glute muscles. This is your chance to change your backside like never before.  Take a look at the transformation of last year's 4-week challenge winner!

Come get your Heart Butt!  

Why is FasciBlasting important?

Fascia is a sensory organ and communicates with our body to promote healing. When fascia is restricted and doesn't get the blood flow it needs, it causes the appearance of cellulite, poor mobility, and pain. This is true even in the glutes. Releasing bound up fascia will allow you to build more muscles in your glutes to develop the heart butt you desire.

Bring each week

Bring water! It's important to stay hydrated during all of our workshops. 

Bodylab will have a FasciaBlaster to use but we highly recommend that you bring your own. Check out our Store for links to buy yourself your own set of FasciaBlaster tools. You will want to have them once you see what they have done for your body. Purchasing your own is not mandatory just recommended. If you want to know our exact recommendation, we suggest FaceBlaster and an Original FasciaBlaster.

You will want to bring oil for the blasters and your body.  Any quality oil will do such as - coconut oil, almond oil, avocado oil, or grapeseed oil.


What to wear

It is best to FasciaBlast on bare skin. If you plan on blasting this way, wear a top and a pair of shorts. You can also blast over clothing but we do suggest that it is a thin legging that fits well and has a slippery versus a texture to them.

Any questions call Tamara, founder of Bodylab 619.653.9656.  Or if you are excited and can’t wait click here to reserve your spot. Click the signup button below, then select the La Jolla location and choose the Heart Butt Challenge.