BOOTY Sculpting Intensive

Girlfriend, what if you could have a sexy, dimple-free, smooth backside in 8 short weeks? We’ve got your back. Literally! The Booty Sculpting Intensive will give you the results you’ve been longing for.

Here’s what you get in this 8-week program:

A session in the sweatSkinny infrared sauna to soften your fascial tissue.

Smooth & Sculpt FasciaBlasting to break up the fascia that causes dimples and cellulite.

Go through a series of stretches that activate your muscles and build that sexy booty you crave.

Plan on a 2 hour session the first time. We’ll do an analysis of your postural and activation muscle deficiencies. This lets us map out a game plan of exactly how to shape your booty.

The rest of the sessions are 1 ½ hours each. Come ready for us to get your backside in shape! You’ll start your session out in the infrared sauna to get your fascia warmed up.

Then you will rest on the table while we blast over your trouble areas. Even after 1 session, you will feel the difference in your body.

We’ll end our time together doing stretches and muscle activation that targets your glutes. These are the muscles that give you that sexy booty.

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