Finally Lose Weight Forever

DNAme is the Key to Finally Losing Weight FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you’re ready to stop guessing and know exactly what you need to do to LOSE WEIGHT, we’ve got the solution. The DNA Diet has changed the life of so many. Forget everything you know about dieting and weight loss.

We don’t put you on a cookie cutter meal plan. Instead, we give you a test that shows us exactly what you need to eat, and what not to. What types of exercise you need (cardio, weight training).

Check out this amazing testimonial from Rob R. about his results from DNAme.

“35 years later…back to my college football weight. I had tried to improve my health and weight many times but it seemed like I could never achieve my goal without feeling deprived. I joined Tamara’s DNAme program and almost immediately I began shedding pounds beyond my previous floor. And I don’t feel deprived! I am almost in disbelief but thrilled!”

This program removes all your guesswork and wasted time and effort. No more guessing…no more frustration…no more overweight or feeling lethargic and not knowing why! The DNA for diet (DNAme) is your answer to living lean and vital. I’ve got a special offer on the DNA Diet. We are launching our first DNA for Diet Group Program.

Call me now at 619.653.9656 so that you can get started on your journey!

This allows us to reduce your investment. Reserve your spot now and come to the New Year we will all begin our New Years Resolutions TOGETHER! Just call me, text me (619.653.9656) or email me ( now and I’ll go over it with you.

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