How One Woman Lost Weight And Gained Energy

I love Ruby and her husband's transformation! Isn't it fabulous? Check out her story-

“We started our 30 day nutritional cleanse desperate to lose weight and increase our energy. Once we hit our 40’s, we hit a brick wall even though we were eating clean and exercising regularly. The natural energy kicked in on the Day 3 and by Day 30 we reached our weight loss goals. We were ecstatic but the best part was really the other benefits (i.e., waking up refreshed, mental clarity, stress management, and so much more). Two and half years into the living well program and we have easily maintained our healthy lifestyle. Sharing our experience with others and embracing the financial opportunity coupled with hard work have allowed us to pay for our son’s first year of college debt-free and helped retire my husband from his 20 year career in law enforcement earlier than planned. We are so happy that we started with the 30-Day cleanse to prove to ourselves that it really does work. After the proof was in the pudding we decided to embark on the business of helping others. Now the people we have become are better physically, mentally, financially and spiritually than the ones who started this journey. You owe it to yourself to be the best version of YOU and to live life to the fullest. What are you waiting for?”

If you want to get started on YOUR health journey, give me a call at 619-653-9656.

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