It's Time to Bust The Cellulite Myth

Ashley Black busted the cellulite myth in her book. The myth is that the bumpiness that you feel under your skin isn’t cellulite. Shocking I know! But what Ashley discovered is that it is actually bound up fascia. Fascia is between your skin and muscles and surrounds the muscles of your body. There are many things we do in our lives that can cause the fascia to become restricted. This restricted fascia is what looks like cellulite. And... it can be smoothed out!!!!

In her book, Ashley talks about how you can break up the bound fascia and restore blood flow. Life changing things happen when your body has the blood flow that it needs. One of the things that happens is that the bumpy uneven parts of your body smooths out. You can dramatically reduce if not completely remove the look of cellulite on your most troublesome areas.

This is exactly what I do at the Bodylab. I offer a Smooth&Sculpt service where I’ll work on your trouble areas to help firm your skin and smooth out the lumps. You can feel good about wearing your shorts, skirts, and bathing suit again!

During the Smooth&Sculpt sessions, you’ll spend time in the infrared sauna to get your body warmed up. When your body is ready, we'll use the Bodylab Gals favorite tool, the Fasciablaster, to work on your trouble areas. With each session, you’ll see more results.

We are in CELLULITE SEASON. This is the perfect time to work on breaking up your fascia and smoothing everything out. That’s why I’m offering you an incredible deal on the Smooth&Sculpt service.

When you buy:

4 Smooth & Sculpts for $1,152, you get 1 Wow Factor Facial

10 Smooth & Sculpts for 2,700, you get 2 Wow Factor Facials

24 Smooth & Sculpts for 5,760, you get 4 Wow Factor Facials

The Wow Factor Facial is a value of $250 on its own. This is more than just a facial! I combine several methods to provide you with a non-invasive treatment to give you an instant glow and firmer skin. It is quick service yet super effective at giving you IMMEDIATE results and even more over time.

You can send payment to me through venmo at tamara-renee-1 and then call me at 619.653.9656 for scheduling.

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