Part II – Fascia + Inflammation + Weight Gain / Bulky Body

It's Cellulite Season! Yes, I know it's the fall, but it's still a good time to address it!

The New Body Sculptors

I've got a no-diet change and no-gym trick to getting slim and cutting inflammation.

When I comes to losing inches, San Diego’s elitist have a new secret weapon – and it has nothing to do with exercise, liposuction, cool sculpting, or starvation diets.

They’re all clamoring for appointments with us, because we're the latest gurus of how to help people be svelte and sexy. We're a.k.a., the body sculptors. We use very, very deep massage science that's backed by tools and methods.

These treatment options whittle down your waist, tone your triceps, de-cankle your ankles and smooth lumps and bumps on your backside. Love what you're hearing so far? And we didn’t even touch on reducing pain, increasing mobility and cutting inflammation.

The secret? It’s all about your fascia. Fascia is the connective tissue that forms continuous netting throughout your body. It stabilizes, attaches, encloses and separates muscles and other internal organs. Forget everything you ever knew about fascia. We're busting the fascia myth!

Healthy fascia is pliable. With age, injury, poor biomechanics and destructive lifestyle choices like wearing high heals, doing impact exercise or being chronically dehydrated, the tissue can get stiff. It will dry out and form adhesions that can lead to what you consider to be cellulite.

Your body builds blocky or thick places in different areas of your body. Doctors have long suspected can contribute to muscle pain, and limited range of motion.

Not only have doctors had their suspicions, but medical studies have also shown what body sculptors have suspected for a long time. The studies reveal that fascia traps fat and toxins, adding inches and preventing definition. While specific techniques vary, the one and only Bodylab Gals are proving there is not such thing as cellulite. Instead, it is adhesions in your fascia.

A must read is The Cellulite Myth; It’s Fascia, Not Fat. And please once you’ve read the book, pass it on. All our fellow fascia sisters deserve to know about it! Back to the hands-on manipulations. It will loosen fascia, increase blood flow that in turn increased elastic and collagen production. It can spot reduce by releasing fat cells so that they can be eliminated naturally.

Other huge benefits that the Bodylab Gals can provide is an increase your metabolism all while reducing your C-Reactive Proteins (inflammmmmmmmaaaaaation!)

Women and even some men are hopping on massage tables and hopping off slimmer. Any downside you ask? NO, well maybe if you are self conscious of a little bruising. Where you’ve been lacking blood supply to the surface of your skin, and then we bring supply to it, you may experience some bruising.

Don’t worry; we have ways to help you reduce the bruising. Just ask!

Check out these Testimonial from on of our Bodylab clients:

Bodylab IS as good as it gets when it comes to body sculpting! They have a depth of knowledge about connective tissue that makes their services superior and effective. I’m speechless at the difference it has made in my appearance and over all well-being. They impressed me to much that I branched over and used some of their nutrition services; I ran my DNA for dietary recommendations. Client for life! - Kacy M

For those whom are annoyed with their Cellulite and how their body is building --- listen up. At first sight I thought this lady was crazy to suggest such a service. Well with a healthy amount of skepticism I went ahead and schedule an appointment. After one treatment at Bodylab I’m impressed. Tamara and her staff are my only go-to body sculptors. With my healthy diet and weekly training with a personal trainer I could not reach results I got with Bodylab. I no longer recognize my own body. They have sculpted a new improved me. Best investment I’ve ever made. I am so fortunate to work with such informed and creative professionals. -Galina M

Strong manipulations loosens the fascia and wakes up the muscles so we can move them back to where they should be… given you a lifted and youthful look and feel.

The Gals at Bodylab have over 26 years in the field and with science growing so rapidly about fascia health we believe to always be ahead of the curve for YOUR beauty & health.

Bodylab suggest 1 session followed by a ten day rest, then one-weekly sessions for the first two – three month, tapering to every two weeks a session for the next three months; 10-15 sessions are usually needed to see results, but you can notice the increase in mobility, reduction of pain and the sheen to your skin almost immediately.

“I had such big calves I would get them in boots or skinny jeans. Not anymore, I’ve carved my calves the a perfect size.” Tamara Renee, Founder of Bodylab

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