School is Back in- Time to Get in Shape

The end of summer is finally here! Who else is excited to get back into a schedule and back into shape?!

We know that with vacations, BBQs, and summer soirées that it is easy to get off track! We also know that back to school school shopping, demanding schedules, and to-do lists can be stressful!

We are here to relieve your stress and help you find a healthy routine!

Here are 3 tips to help-

#1 Schedule time to work out. Physical exercise is of of the top ways to reduce stress. With packed schedules and taking care of everybody else, make yourself a priority and plan time just for you to go to the gym, take your favorite yoga class, or get outside and take a walk in nature!

#2 Plan your meals. Eating healthy doesn’t just happen and can quickly take a turn in the wrong direction if you get hangry and don’t have a plan. Scheduling time to ship and prepare your food will allow you to have healthy food on hand and keep you from making unhealthy choices when your on the go.

#3 Don’t be hard on yourself! Finding a healthy sustainable lifestyle looks different for everybody. Create action plans and food choices that work for you and your lifestyle. You don’t have to be “perfect” to be healthy, a combined effort and consistency will provide longterm results.

If you need help creating the perfect healthy lifestyle to fit your individual needs, we have convenient lifestyle tools that will help you with meal planning, detoxing, lifestyle recommendations based off of your DNA and healthy convenient options to help you live your best life!

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