Tame Inflammation That Causes Weight Gain - Part 1

Have you ever spent the day saying, "That's it! I feel gross. I'm going to get serious and start eating clean!" So you start with your healthiest regimen of smoothies, turkey burgers, and cauliflower. The next day you step on the scale and say, "How have I gained weight after all this clean eating?"

Well, let’s just say both. But, if you are looking to lose weight, without changing your diet here are some solutions that may help. And if you are interested in knowing how to change your diet, I also have solutions for that.

There's a reason our healthy intentions and diets do not always give us the results they should.

This is the reason and it's called inflammation. Here’s what you need to know – we are all chemically unique! And what’s healthy for me not be healthy for you.

This is called bio-individuality and quite frankly the reason many feel frustrated when they are trying to release unwanted weight.

We all respond differently to what we eat, even if it is clean food. I know it sounds like I’ve made it more complicated than what you thought. But, don’t worry! I’ll share some solutions on how you:

-Get tested for your chemical makeup

-A rule of eating well for all body types

-Non-food changes that can help you release weight without making any changes in your diet

My own practice treats thousands of clients. It has shown that even healthy foods can cause inflammation. This can pose serious problems not only for weight loss but short and long-term health. Also, our self-esteem is affected.

Chronic low-grade inflammation can cause a ton of health issues and premature aging. The Bodylab Gals are committed to you staying healthy and beautiful forever. Just stay tuned!

Inflammation is an essential part of the body’s healing system. Your immune system attacks anything in your body that it recognizes as foreign like:




-Yes even compounds in healthy foods...

What I recommend is that you choose a weekly habit that is proven to reduce your C-Reactive Proteins (inflammation indicators in your blood).

The tool I recommend is the FasciaBlaster. By using this tool in the privacy of your home, you can reduce inflammation and restore blood flow to your body.

Another way is to choose the right foods for you is to sign up for my DNAme test. Like I always say, test, don’t guess. When you know the right foods to eat and exercises to do, you can reduce your risk of premature aging, illness and reduce inflammatory-related weight gain.

I bet it would surprise you to know that some people should not eat foods like:


-Greek yogurt

-Black beans

-Grass-fed beef

-Or even too many carrots...

For one person, these foods can be ideal, while for others it may be toxic and causing weight gain and a whole lot of other issues. If you are at your wit's end and just wish to test, vs. guessing, the DNAme program is ideal for you.

Next week, I’ll share with you exactly how inflammation can cause weight gain and be a real problem for your body. Can’t wait to chat with you then.

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