What do All of These People Have in Common?

Meet Danielle, Jamie, and Regina. They all come from different walks of life and backgrounds. In fact, they’ve never even met each other. But what do they all have in common? Transformation!

Listen to their stories-


On the 4th day of my new lifestyle, I was waking up before my alarm clock and finally sleeping well. Within my first month, I had lost 18.9lbs and had more energy, had help with maintaining my immune system health and had help removing impurities from my body.


30 lbs released in 2 months, countless inches gone, 3 dress sizes history. But the longer story is what really matters. Food cravings gone, consistent energy throughout my day, energized workouts that deliver results, handling stress like a charm, sleeping like a baby, waking rested and recharged.


From the very first day I started the program, I noticed my energy was all day long! I started to release weight and was feeling amazing. As of today, I have released 21 pounds and 39 inches! 7 inches on my waist, 8 inches in my abdomen and 5 inches on my hips!

While each of them has their own story of transformation, one thing is the same, they got the help they needed to be successful. None of them did this alone. They surrounded themselves with people who knew exactly how to coach them on their journey.

That’s exactly what we are doing in the DNAme group. You start off by taking a DNA test and getting results that will help us build a tailored plan to your body. You’ll stop working against yourself and start working with your DNA to lose weight.

After we get your results, we’ll sit down with you and explain 100% what you need to do to be like Danielle, Bob, Jamie, and Regina. We’ll put you in a group with like-minded people and give you step by step support through the whole thing.

We’re taking signups for DNAme now. Hurry and reserve your spot now! You deserve to do something for yourself this Christmas.

Call me at 619-653-9656. Also, You can send the money via venmo to Tamara-Renee-1. In the notes just put, "what do I eat?".

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