Yvonne's DNA Results Gave Her More Energy!

Yvonne had been working to change her body composition. She was eating a healthy diet full of lean proteins and working out hard every week at the gym.

But....after she got her DNA results, she learned something that shocked her....she needed to be eating more healthy fats! Her diet was just about void of the fats she needed to feel good. Once she started eating more fats, she was full of so much energy.

Not only did she get surprised about what she needed to eat, she found out that she had been working out TOO hard at the gym, crazy right!?!. Did you know that you can actually keep yourself from losing weight when you work out harder than your body needs?!?!?

This is what happens when you guess what your body needs. You end up eating more servings in one category and not enough in another, even if it is a healthy item if you only need 2 proteins servings per day... you only need 2. If you consume 3 you may begin to gain weight. The DNA test I give you will tell us exactly what macros your body needs. And, it will tell us what types of exercising your body responds to best.

We want everyone to be able to have the life changing experience that the participants have had. That's why we are hosting another group for the DNAme program. The next group is getting started on April 23rd. In order to meet the deadline of the group, you need to get your kit from me by March 28th. That's right the last day to join the group is March 28th.

If you have questions, you can always reach out to us at any time at 619.653.9656.That’s why we are here!

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