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be the HEALTHIEST you!
Put U FIRST, is for the WOMEN ON THE GO... This is an turn-key action plan 
This is a super easy - plug and play program designed for busy women who desire to feel amazing.  We use real food and no gimmicks.  You'll get all the support you need and all the tools you need with tons of TIPS to help you maintain all you achieve!
3 week program only $177 

BUSY SCHEDULE?  Not a problem.  


This in an Online Program.  You will receive a weekly meal plan (fast, easy & healthy meals), nutritional coaching support, an informational conference call (recorded so you can listen at your convenience) and the ability to share ideas and healthy tips with others via a private social media group page.  


You CAN achieve your goals and WILL notice a difference in the first month. AVERAGE WEIGHT LOSS IN 3-weeks is 9 LBS.  

Take time for YOU!  Join us today.


Here is how you get YOUR best body 


Daily action plan so you don’t have to give it any thought – just plug and play for you busy women on the go (superwomen)

24/7 support

Daily tips & tools

Meal plans

Grocery List


Guidelines for portions & interchangeable items

Wisdom of how foods are affecting YOU

Weekly live informative topics calls that are recorded if you are unable to get on live, Mondays 5:15 pm PST

Community of support – you are never alone

only $177

sucess stories and photo


                                              Sharla Hank before                                                                     Sharla Hank after



“Tamara I just wanted to share with you and your followers about how you have changed my life. I haven't even told you this yet...

A few weeks ago, I went in to meet with my doctor to have a physical and to see how my overall health is, after changing my eating habits. Prior to meeting you, at the end of July, I had health concerns, which included: border-line high cholesterol, migraines, thyroid and always feeling exhausted. I had taken a personal pledge to work on becoming a healthier ME, wife and mother.

I am happy to report that my physician couldn't believe the healthier looking ME and at my goal of 30 lbs lighter too. The nurse didn't understand why I wasn't taking any medication... at my age... which is ONLY over 40. All of my blood work and exam showed that my health concerns are now gone. My cholesterol and thyroid numbers are in check. I have regained energy. I'm a much happier me too. I never thought I could give up sugar and really enjoy green juice and bone broth.

Thank you Tamara. I couldn’t have done this without all of you.” -Sharla Hank, San Diego


"I released 15 lbs. in 2 months and enjoyed every minute of following the meal plans. I know with this foundation I will be able to transition into my own plan pretty soon."  Josefina Balistrieri


"I've lost 13 lbs and I now know how to have my favorite treats and rebalance myself after, so that u can have the best of both worlds. Social with a bit of a health snob."  Carolyn Standler-Reed


"Before Put U First by Tamara Renee, the carbs I ate were whole grains and legumes and fruit and then, of course, the baddies, (sugar, white flour). Even counting calories, I couldn't lose weight. Tamara, your program is working because of chemistry as she says. I'm eating mostly quality fat, lean protein, and a smaller percentage of carbs. I'm sticking to it because first, you are all holding my hand and second, the good results are incentive!"  - Cynthia Neorman


Lost another pound....I'm meltinggggggggggg meltingggggg.  I have Tamara Renee to thank for the 10 lbs I lost and don't intend finding again. – Mindy Lipton


"Well with the first week I have lost 7 lbs and only 1 slip (a piece of dark choc) I feel good." – Christine Skurnac


"Thank you for everything, this program is wonderful.  I have been successful in keeping my 10 lbs off!  I have learned how to Put Myself First sometimes and am learning to be more prepared with healthy ingredients and options, that I really loving. I will miss the support of Tamara and the group!  Thank you all for all the love and support."  - Cynthia


"I still have certain cravings (darn chocolate and muffins) but some things that I used to be in the bad habit of eating like certain fast foods and diet coke are a total turn off now. I love all the menus and have gotten so much great advice and found out I like foods I had never tried before." – Jaime Farkas


"I'm doing great! Down about 13 lbs. Feeling so happy to have veggies and real food in my life again! (fast food junkie for years!). Thanks Tamara. Feeling really optimistic!  For some reason, it just feels like I have more control over my life. Is that weird? Unexpected bonus. (And I'm looking forward to meals ('cause the food is interesting/good)...never really did before. thanks! "– Rachel Gerken Weber




What is this Put U First TEAM Program?

A Transformational Course for Creating… a Healthy Body, a Vital Life and Living Happy and Present is a proven, state-of-the-art methodology, which has revolutionized the art of dieting.

What you will receive from Put U First: fun, educational and enlivening month-long course is designed for you if you are seeking more vitality, a leaner body, clear mind, more happiness, a healthy relationship with food and an understanding of good healthy food and healthy living. Whether you are in the a junk food junkie, a sugar maniac, a food avoider, or simply stuck in knowing how and what to eat when, and with what. And you just need a step by step meal plan, specific direction and support, this course is filled with specific detailed guidance, nutritional education, access for questions and constant support and profound love that will empower you to step fully into leading a healthy happy life you love!


Join the hundreds of others like you who have shifted from hating your body,  riddled with guilt and sabotaging self doubt, drained of energy and happiness to LIVING:  prideful, energized, happy, confident and FULFILLED.  


Imagine what that would feel like and join us!   




*Disclaimer of Health Care Related Services:
*Any advice given should never be used as a substitute for the medical advice from your own doctor. Always consult your own General Practitioner (GP) if you are concerned about your health. *You understand that the Counselor/Nutritionist is not acting in the capacity of a doctor, psychologist or other licensed or registered professionals. Additionally you understand that the Counselor/Nutritionist is not providing health care or medical services and will not diagnose, treat or cure in any manner whatsoever, any disease, condition or other physical or mental ailment of the human body. * Any discussion regarding dietary recommendations, vitamins or other supplements should always be communicated with your GP prior to use taking into consideration drug-herb interaction with your physician should you be taking pharmaceutical drugs. * The information presented is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information is presented for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your healthcare professional. *You must check with a qualified health care practitioner before taking any supplements while pregnant or breastfeeding to make sure they are safe. Cleansing supplements should never be taken while pregnant or breastfeeding.
*Upon signing up (making payment) for any of Tamara Renee or Tamara Renee LLC programs you are acknowledging that you are healthy and waiving any and all responsibility to Tamara Renee or Tamara Renee LLC.
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