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Why Spring is the Best Time to Lose Weight

February 21, 2018



The spring is on its way and you know what that means...it's almost bathing suit season. Now is the best time for you to work on your weight loss goals. Not just because you're about to strut your sexy self by the pool. There are many other reasons you need to start on your weight loss journey now.


Here are the reasons the spring is the best time to lose weight.  


1. There Is More Daylight


The days are getting longer, which means you have more time to go for a walk or run outside. You will have a lot more energy, because the sun's still shining bright. When it gets dark early in the day, it can leave you yawning for hours before you hit the sack. But, when the sun is up, you feel alert and ready to do more.


2. You Crave Salads



When it’s cold out, you crave warmer foods. So, it only stands to reason that when the weather gets warm, you want something that is cool and refreshing. Leafy greens are so easy to come by in the summer. You can fill your diet with the healthy salads you desire.


3. You Are More Likely Going to Burn Calories


Some experts have found that when you take your workout routine outside, you end up working out for longer. There’s just something about being in the sunshine that makes it hard to go in. The more you move, the more calories you burn. Also, the warmer it gets, the more you sweat and your body lets go of built up toxins.


4. Exercise in a Group


You are not alone! You can join the ladies at our Blastercise class. We get together on Wednesdays at Lorna Janes in La Jolla and on the 1st and 3rd Sundays at YogaFUZN in La Jolla. You can learn more about our classes and how to sign up on the Blastercise page


5. Last But Not Least- There’s No Better Time Than Now


Don’t forget, there’s no better time to get healthy than right now. Don’t wait for the perfect time or perfect moment. You can’t have the ideal circumstances. Just get going now.


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