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Want to Lose the Weight? Detox Now!

February 28, 2018



Have you tried everything on the market to lose weight but just can’t seem to crack the code. So many of my clients are ready to drop those pounds, but have no idea how to do that. That’s why the DETOXme program I’m offering is so effective. Not only do I give you the exact meal plan, supplements, and how-to’s of the diet, you will have accountability through the whole 30 days.


What is the DETOXme Program?


This program is a 30 day cleanse and fat burning system. The foundation of the program is feeding your body the nutrition it needs so you can fight cravings and lose weight.


So what makes DETOXme different than anything else you’ve done? Because the program is 100% tailored to you. We can use your DNA profile to figure out exactly what you need to get results.


Girlfriend, I know you are tired of trying to feel and look amazing. This program is going to change your life. You will get that 1 on 1 support and answers to all of your questions.


Here's what you will get on this custoized program:

  • Step by step instructions, daily schedules, approved foods shopping lists

  • 1-on-1 coaching

  • Access to private Facebook groups for support and encouragement from a community of people just like you and me that are having amazing transformations

  • Recipes and snack ideas

  • Access to a 16-week Challenge with a chance to win over $200,000 in cash prizes and trips. Just for completing the challenge, you will receive $200 in free nutrition products.

Many people have had great success on this program. Check out these two ladies’ results.




Dawn was overweight and struggling to raise her two teenagers, because she was tired all of the time. She was just gaining weight and didn’t know how to make the changes. When she joined the program, she was desperate for relief.


She was working two jobs and didn’t think she had time to add a healthy lifestyle. Signing up for this program helped her lose 23 pounds. She finally got the support she needed to get the rocking body she wanted and the energy she needed to be the mom she wanted to be.




Kelly put on 35 pounds after she went through chemo. The treatments left her feeling tired, fuzzy headed and sick all of the time. She went through the program at the age of 52 and was able to reach her health goals.


Stay tuned, because I’m going to give you more information about this program in the coming weeks. But, if you want to get a jump start and see if you are the right candidate for the program, book your 15 minute appointment with me. Call me at (619) 653.9656.


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