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There Are Many Ways to DETOX FAST

March 8, 2018



I’ve been asked by clients if there is more than one way to detox your body? Why? Because they know that detox is one of the key components to weight loss.


And the answer to this question is yes! What you eat plays a huge role in detoxing, but so do other factors.


Here are a few things I suggest you add to your lifestyle to promote detox and weight loss:




Blastercise is a revolutionary exercise class. We meet in a heated room and use my favorite tool, the FasciaBlaster™. Together, we shape and sculpt our bodies. Stimulating the fascia increases blood flow and allows the body to get rid of toxins.


Smooth & Sculpt


Want to be pampered while you detox? The Smooth & Sculpt service will allow you to do just that. I use the FasciaBlaster™ to smooth your skin out.




The DETOXlymph service is designed to help your lymphatic system drain itself. Your body will rid itself of the toxins you’ve built up.


Check out this DETOXlymph video for more information about the process.


Skin Brushing


Combine skin brushing with the techniques you learn in the Blastercise class and you’ll have a winning combination. Skin brushing unclogs pores that traps toxins in your body.


I also recommend that you flush your skin using your hands. This is best done after you have used the FasciaBlasting tool.


When you combine routines that allow your body to detox with foods the right foods, you will see the pounds start to shed off of you.


Girlfriend, your summer body is built in the spring. And the best way to drop the weight is through a detox program. I’m not just talking about a one day diet. The DETOXme program is a full 30 days and helps you shed weight quickly. It’s a turn-key program, because everything is done for you. I tailor your meal plans to your specific needs and then give you the support you need to be successful.


Don’t wait another day to start your weight loss story. Call me now at 619.653.9656 and set up your FREE 15-MINUTE CONSULT to see if this is right for YOU!


Want to know the success others have had on this program? Check out this story-




So often in the beauty industry I see health being sacrificed for the sake of looking good.


I was super skeptical about nutritional cleansing and for good reason. Any time I had seen incredible transformations like this, I thought they must be doing something that didn’t fit my idea of health: like extreme dieting, or pills, or unhealthy calorie restriction.


After researching and researching, the more I found that it all came down to fueling the body with super nutrition and incorporating nutritionally supported intermittent fasting.


You see weight loss and fat reduction (a side benefit if nutritional cleansing & intermittent fasting), but there are so many other health benefits that support and balance the body: like a reduction in toxins, increased metabolism, improved cognitive function, increased energy, supported immune system and the list goes on.


You don’t have to sacrifice your health to get the results you want, you can actually improve it!


The DETOXme program really works. Girlfriend, it’s time to take a step in the right direction. Call me now so I can give you a Free consultation. Starting this program today will get help you feel confident, vibrant and healthy when the summer rolls around.


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