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Finally! An Effective and Easy Fat Loss System

May 3, 2018


Do you want EFFECTIVE yet EASY fat and weight loss, increased energy and an overall, clear, vibrant body and mind?  YES, don’t we all want this?!  Most of the time weight loss programs are either effective but hard, or easy and not effective.  We realize you are busy and need things as simple as can be.  


Diet and nutrition is one of the largest components to energy, healthy glowing skin and a vibrant, lean body!  We also know work, kids, commutes, traveling, errands, bills and life can get in the way of you achieving your health goals!


Do you eat healthy and exercise, but hit a plateau and want to release those stubborn pounds?


Are you super busy and are looking for a convenient solution to fit your lifestyle?


Are you health conscious but always looking for a way to elevate your health and reduce toxins?


Do you have weight loss goals, but don’t know where to start?


Are you looking for a community of like-minded women to help support and encourage you in achieving your goals?


Don’t worry sister, we have your back! We are here to help you get in the best shape of your life and make it as “simple and convenient” for you, all while providing you with amazing nutrition to fuel your body so you can accomplish and excel at everything in your life!


The amazing benefits of nutritionally supported intermittent fasting are weight loss (especially visceral fat), increased energy, improvements in brain functioning, increased metabolism, a decrease in toxins, sustained and long-term weight loss. 


See how nutritional cleansing completely transformed Laura’s life!



“Before nutritional cleansing I was lacking energy as a physical education teacher, constantly using food as a vehicle to keep me going, and uncomfortable in my clothes. As a result of nutritional cleansing my body is fueled to perform at its peak, I have learned how using nutritional cleansing along with proper nutrition is the key to maintaining my results, and I am more confident than ever before. I encourage others that they can live the life they have always wanted. I believe all people should feel this way and create a life where they are free to be themselves.”


Schedule your FREE 15 minute phone consultation today to discuss your individual health goals!


Reply to this email or call 619.653.9656 today to reserve your spot now!



You need more convincing that having a lean body and optimal energy is possible.  Here is my personal journey. 



I had extremely poor eating habits. I loved greasy burritos and even donuts! I began binge eating coupled with depression and found myself in a desperate situation. What a terrible time in life to develop a poor self-image. I avoided social events at any cost, developed clothing avoidance and wanted to be invisible.  Sound familiar? I was in a downward spiral and feeling hopeless. My cravings for sweets felt like they were taking over my every thought.

I know this is a common story for many people and it may hit home for you as well. It is so important to “Be Present” in your feelings and acknowledge the problem. I simply could not do it.


I had created my own prison without a key to exit, or so it seemed at the time. I knew I could not continue on living in this state. That’s when I removed fried foods, fast food and ranch dressing from my diet.


Not only did I change my diet, I drove 17 miles to join an all-women’s gym to avoid seeing men. Health became my top priority...okay maybe that is not entirely the truth. I think that confidence became my ultimate goal.  


No longer did I want to be a victim to my cravings and hiding from people and life. I am sharing my personal story so you know that I have been in the same place and understand all of your feelings, thoughts and desires for health.  When I finally got sick and tired of looking like I did, I WAS able to release 68 lbs! Woohooooo!!


I learned one key thing that helped me… and I hope they help you.


#1 How Your Insulin and Stress Levels Affect You


An unbalanced insulin and stress hormone system keeps you in the constant craving.  If I ate a protein and or a fat before ALL carbs I could control my cravings significantly.


#2 Store Toxins Affect Your Ability to Lose Weight


Toxins in your cells/organs/tissues makes your process or releasing unwanted fat and weight harder.  If you clean up your internal system even a bit, it gives your body a boost.


Now you may ask, how have I been able to keep it off?  DNAme is a testing method that allows for science to tell us what is the ideal diet for weight loss, health maintenance and to feel energized as well as satiated.  


Schedule your FREE 15 minute phone consultation today to discuss your individual health goals!

Reply to this email or call 619.653.9656 today to reserve your spot now!



Tamara Renee, Founder of Bodylab

Kendra Holdgraf, DETOXme Specialist at The Bodylab La Jolla



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