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The Fastest and Easiest Way to Shed Pounds and Get Glowing Skin

July 2, 2018



Sister, I know the summer is here and your bikini is calling you. All is not lost! You still have time to drop pounds and get that glowing skin. You’ll be amazed at how fast you can see a difference if you are doing the right things.  Yes, you read that right… QUICK RESULTS! 


What if there was a way you could lose weight fast, have gorgeous skin, and be healthy? Well, I’m here to tell you about our Quick Beautifying Detox, which stimulates the lymphatic system to drain and lets you shed pounds. And we get double the results because we have added the Infrared Sauna treatment with our Quick Beautifying Detox. 


Why Is The Lymphatic System Important?


The lymphatic system helps our immunity, maintains fluid, and removes toxins. This system contains the spleen and thymus. The spleen finds bacteria in the body and produces lymphocytes to get rid of them. The thymus stores these lymphocytes and sends them throughout the body to fight infections.


Another great thing about the lymphatic system, is that it collects extra fluid around your body’s organs and gives it to the bloodstream. If the extra fluid doesn’t drain, it builds up and causes an issue known as lymphedema. This is when part of your body swells up from the fluid and makes it look like you’ve gained weight.


Endermologie Lymphatic Stimulation


Endermologie Lymphatic Stimulation is a painless and non-invasive treatment that reduces the fluid from fat cells in the body. It focuses on the body’s lymphatic system to drain the toxics that tend to build up. By decreasing fat cells, the treatment speeds up blood flow so the lymph vessels can do their job of removing toxins.


Infrared Sauna


Toxins are also released when we sweat. An infrared sauna lets you get rid of toxins naturally while you sweat. It prevents toxins from attaching to your fat cells. Both of these treatments help get rid of extra fluid and boost metabolism.


What Are The Treatment Costs?


Shedding pounds and getting glowing skin shouldn’t have to be pricey. Our Quick Beautifying Detox service is affordable. A great way to take advantage of this is our group specials. Grab a few friends and join our "Get Lean Challenge". You and your friends can get 15% off this service.  Call me today at 619.653.9656 to take part. 


You can buy now for just one treatments here under the Body Beautiful tab. 


When you want to lose weight the quick and safe way, think about trying these treatments. The best part is that they’re totally safe and great for your entire body.


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