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Fresh Face in 15 Minute

July 12, 2018


Add to your Beauty Regime…  


Who doesn’t want bright, fresh-looking, summer kissed skin?  A sure-fire easy home use regime to incorporate is the FaceBlaster and ?????????.  Your skin care regimen will help bring blood flow and nutrients to the facial tissue.  Your skin will look hydrated, plumped up, smoothed out and refreshed!!! Try these 3 new tried and true smart tools or products to add your beauty regime and see if you love it as much as I do!


Look at the amazing results on Jeri’s neck.  She is 61 and looking younger and fresher every day.    




I like to wash my face in the shower, get it all nice and warm. Then I use my Cleopatra oil (doesn’t clog my pores) as I use a FaceBlaster™ in the mirror that is fabulous at sticking to my shower wall.  I like to watch while I FaceBlast and I follow this protocols when I do it. Check out this easy tutorial from Ashley Black on how to do it right. 



Best $15 you’ll ever spend… unless you’ve had a crazy work week and you need a super grande Starbucks coffee to survive ☺.  Kidding…This extraordinary ice roller is good at helping drain a puffy face!!  You all know how I love lymphatic drainage, which is why I offer the Beautifying Detox in my practice and it drains excess fluids off the body – hello, love that.  


Anyway, after my shower and FaceBlasting then I get out and roll this baby all over my face. I end my “get pretty” regime with these eye gel pads


I have been addicted to these eye gel pads for about 7 years now.  And let me you I have tried about 10000000 others ☺. No one works like these cool gel ones.  I get that water that pulls under my eyes, and that is not so sexy. I like to finish my beauty regime with these.  Cooling under-eye gel patches to help firm, tone and de-puff delicate under-eye skin within ten minutes. Use these cooling gels- Skyn Iceland Hyro Cooling Firming Eye Gels.  


To finish off my face I use this eye cream on my eyes and my jowls. I see my face changing a bit here and there since I’ve started using my eye cream on this area it seems to be improving.  Phew! Everywhere you turn this eye cream is getting exceptional ratings… over 535 reviews and it gets 4.5 stars, and since I tried it I now know why.  This 360° eye treatment fights the 5 most common signs of again in only one daily cream.  This silky, ultra-hydrating formula protects the eyes delicate skin from dehydration and helps visually reduce under-eye bags and dark shadows for a revitalized, lifted look.  Minimizes expression lines and deep wrinkles, helps to firm the appearance of the eyelid, and reduce signs of fatigue and stress. Sign me up, right! Is there a bottle I can just drip my whole body in?!   


I hope my beauty routine helps you develop one that you can be successful with. 


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