Success Stories

Hundreds of satisfied clients can't be wrong. 

These are some of their stories!

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Tiffany Watrous

Three weeks of FasciaBlasting-- We focus on legs, butt, and love handles. We heat me up as hot as possible with the sauna and blast away. FasciaBlasting is changing my self-esteem and makes me such a happy girl.

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Diane Lake

I've always believed in being kind to my skin and following the less is more rule.  I only wash my face once a day, at night, I use only light moisturizers, and wear very little make-up.  When I saw the FaceBlaster, I had to have it.  The FaceBlaster has greatly reversed my age each time. No other face product has ever come close to doing that.  Now, I can actually run to the store without worrying about having any make up on.

Lucia Denton

If you read Tamara’s testimonials you won’t be surprised to hear that Tamara’s knowledge and nutritional guidance has completely changed my life. I spent most of my adult life battling the same 10-15 pounds, battling gastric reflux disease, and always feeling hungry.


I decided, at the age of 42, that I would not go on yet another low-calorie diet expecting different long-term results. Went I first met with Tamara I had 4 major goals including feeling more vital, feeling less hungry, losing weight, and potentially reversing my acid reflux.


The last 3 months has been an amazing personal journey. I can’t tell you that it was easy at first. Tamara introduced me to a new way of thinking about food and fueling my body. Boy! The journey was worth it.


I have never felt better. It sounds like a cliché, but I feel completely revitalized.


I have learned to eat the real food my body needs and in return I have shed 16 pounds and no longer have any gastric reflux symptoms. The most amazing part of this journey is that I don’t feel like I am on a diet and for the first time in my life I know I have the tools to continue feeling vital and healthy.


I am so thankful for Tamara.

Rob Rumbaugh

35 years later……back to my college football weight!!

I have several times over the years have focused on improving my health/weight with some reasonable success, but it seemed like the best I could ever achieve was somewhere in the mid 240’s and then to only see it creep back up over the next few years as I returned to my old bad habits.  Recently I joined Tamara’s SUMMER BOOST program and almost immediately began shedding pounds to a level well beyond my “previous floor” in just the two weeks.  All of this in a way that I don’t feel that I am starving or depriving myself, but just learning to use better choices in quality, types, and combinations of foods.  I am almost in disbelief that I am now down to the weight that I played in my college football days (yes, I know…..I would have loved to be at the heaver 240-250 while still playing….lol).


Thanks so much, Tamara and I’m looking forward to getting the results of the DNA testing to help refine a plan to my specific needs and help me continue to feel healthy and lean and maintain this awesome progress that you have helped me achieve.

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Dr. Sandra Castro

I have been living an extremely healthy lifestyle for many years. With all that I have learned and done over the years I have never been able to achieve the maximum desired results for nutrition and weight management that I was looking for. Until I met and worked with Tamara Renee. Her saliva assessment tool and her coaching allowed me to take my body to the next level. I am eternally grateful for her knowledge and guidance.

Thank you Tamara!!! 

Sheila Leaming

I found Tamara Renee when I had just started working in the fitness industry and realized my current eating habits (1,700 - 2,000 calories per day) didn't support my new high energy requirements (I was expending between 2,200 and 3,000 calories a day as a trainer).  I was constantly hungry and exhausted and just couldn't seem to catch up.  I was eating whatever sounded good to take care of the hunger.


Tamara Renee prescribed foods that would work well for my body.  I was surprised about what the proper ratio of protein, veggies, and fats was for me and from which sources. I would never have figured this out on my own.  Her meal planning grid helped me figure out how to eat within my guidelines and give me a structure for how to choose more food on high energy demand days. 


I'm happy to say my body stabilized immediately, I didn't just pass out in the middle of the day and I wasn't constantly famished anymore. I actually dropped 4 lbs instantly (not that I needed to).  Later on, when I decided to do a 2-month muscle building protocol I used the same nutrition without any crazy supplements to increase my lean muscle mass and quantity.  My body fat % dropped from 19% to 16% and I increased in size over my whole body. My energy is sustained throughout the day and I sleep well at night. The only exceptions are when I've strayed outside my recommendations, fortunately, I know how to get back to stability!


Thank you, Tamara!

Kate Carter

I have known Tamara for several years now and she was the first person I thought of when I decided to take charge of my health and not struggle with my fat gut and challenged with my daily happiness anymore.  Enough is enough!

I had briefly been on her meal plans years ago when I worked for her and they worked well.  This time, she introduced me to her new DNA diet method.


Instead of answering multiple-choice questions, I gave a DNA sample and it took away all the guesswork.  When we compared my former results to the new results, there were several differences.  It was so nice to know precisely what I should be eating each day to minimize my belly forever and maximize my nutrition and overall health J.  The DNA results came with an entire booklet explaining things like what type of exercise will keep my body looking and feeling good.  Also, what vitamins and minerals I am lacking and how fast I metabolize caffeine, along with heart risk factors and a slew of other information about me.


I lost over 15 pounds eating for my DNA and my favorite jeans fit again!  I am looking forward to getting out my summer clothes because they should not only fit but be too big on me. 


The DNA Diet Method is definitely worth it!!!  I now have a eating, exercise, and lifestyle plan for life!

Sara Orlando

Thank you for all your time, commitment and inspiration - with your DNA program, nutritional programs and your knowledge you have helped me change the way I eat, cook and approach food choices. I have more energy and feel amazing. You have made such a difference in my life - I love your passion and warm heart. You are beautiful on the inside and out. Thank you for everything! 


Howard & Toby Cohen

I originally sought Tamara's advice because I had spent six weeks on intravenous antibiotics and was no longer digesting food very well. My wife had worked with Tamara to lose weight and because of her success, she suggested I contact Tamara. Within 24 hours Tamara cured my digestive problems.


Subsequently Tamara counseled me on improved eating habits. She was able to work around my love for red wine, which I didn't want to give up.  I lost the weight I wanted to lose and had improved energy throughout the day. I continue to follow Tamara's program and have traveled extensively while maintaining both my weight and my energy level.


Two of our nine-year-old grandchildren have worked with Tamara. One wanted to improve her eating habits and control her weight. I'm happy to see she has done so and understands every food label she sees. The second is a competitive tennis player who just wanted to have greater endurance. Two weeks after meeting with Tamara, Marissa won her first tennis tournament. She outlasted everyone else.


My wife and I continue to recommend Tamara to our friends and look forward to doing so in the future.

Sherry Fizor

I have lost ten more pounds (down to 115), which I have never weighed in my adult life, and have lost more one size (down to size 4).  I can't believe the difference in cutting down carbs, sugar and eating good fats.  My husband actually wants me to gain a few pounds (something I never heard in my entire life).  Any way, we're off for a twelve-day cruise to Mexico, and I am at ease due to the knowledge you instilled.

Suzie P.

We all know how hard it is to get your monies worth today – well, not with this service. As a triathlete my progression did not match my efforts. A few months ago I sought advice from a triathlete coach and he gave me great advice; however, nothing that I was not’t already applying. He suggested I go see a nutritionist and triathlete by the name of Tamara.


Wow let me tell you, in 2 weeks time I took time off my run and I feel light and lean as though I was producing less lactic acid or recovering faster. In the pool my lungs never felt so large – like the “hulks”. I never went to her expecting or asking for help in any other areas besides training but I certainly received more results. My memory dramatically increased after only applying her suggestions for 3 days. I am sleeping like and little baby and I feel so fortunate to have gone to see Tamara and I look forward to competing this year.

She also has a “Healthful Cooking” Service and to aid my girlfriend and I with the daily grind of trying to fit working, playing and training in we began to order a few dinners a week from her service – YUMMY! You have to try her cooking.


I highly recommend Tamara she is efficient, effective and knowledgeable.